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What is dcmcm?

dcmcm stands for "die cast metal car models" and is a web site, where you can browse and compare die cast car models in 1:18 to each other and to the real cars, review and evaluate them, share photos, make an own virtual collection, buy and sell.


Our goal is to create a web platform where all about die cast car models in 1:18 can be found. With more and more manufacturers coming on the scene the choice becomes more and more difficult. Some models are produced by more than 5 companies. We are trying to show all available models categorizing them by manufacturers, makes, series, history, details and answer the question, which one most accurately recreates the real car for its purchasing price.

Where are the photos from?

All photos of die cast models are made by us. For this purpose we created a simple robot, which in combination with a camera and photo studio enables automatic photo capture of models in 20 positions. Then the photos undergo a digital processing, which cleans the background and improves image quality. Finally, through appropriate Javascript-function is obtained 360° rotation, which is visible on the site.


We think that for both parties is more profitable direct advertising without additional fees. If you want to advertise with us, please send us an Email to discuss terms.