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Alfa Romeo Die Cast Models 1:18

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A. is an Italian automaker founded in 1906. Alfa Romeo has been a part of the Fiat Group since 1986.

The Alfa Romeo badge includes a red cross on a white background and a snake with a crown. They are taken from the emblem of the Visconti family, the dukes of Milan. The reptile symbolizes the fierce dragon who, according to the legend, laid bare the Milan environs in the V-th century and was killed by the Visconty-Umberto family grandparent. The cross is a consequence from the first crusade for the liberation of Jerusalem. (1095 – 1099) in which knights from Lombardy took part too. The Alfa Romeo badge included also for a short time a laurel wreath reminding the Grand prix award wan in 1925.

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1976 - 33SC12
1974 - 33TT12
1972 - 33.4
1969 - 33.3
1967 - 33.2
1966 - Tipo 33