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Borgward Die Cast Models 1:18


Borgward was a German automobile manufacturer founded by Carl F. W. Borgward. The Borgward group eventually produced cars with the four brands Borgward, Hansa, Goliath and Lloyd.

Financial problems appeared because Carl Borgward allowed the different makes to act independently, practicing no joint development or sharing of parts. While Borgward pioneered technical novelties in the German market such as air suspension and automatic transmission, water-cooled boxer, front wheel drive, the four makes competed against companies like Opel and VW that increased production yearly and lowered prices. Borgward suffered quality problems as well.

In 1961 the company was forced into liquidation by creditors though Carl Borgward insisted the company was solvent. Events proved him right and all the creditors were fully paid off. In July 1963 Carl Borgward died, two years after his company went bankrupt.
1954 - Isabella '54
1949 - Hansa 1500