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Duesenberg Die Cast Models 1:18


Duesenberg Automobile & Motors Company, Inc. was an American manufacturer of luxury automobiles founded in 1913 by the brothers August Duesenberg and Frederick Duesenberg. Тhe two brothers were self-taught but world-class engineers.

The first Duesenberg car, the Model A, manufactured in 1914, was an extremely advanced and expensive automobile and among the most powerful and fastest cars of its time, but the brothers being neither good businessmen nor administrators could not sell all of the manufactured cars.

E.L. Cord, the owner of Auburn Automobile, and other transportation firms, bought the company in 1926 for the brothers' engineering skills, talent and the brand name in order to produce luxury cars. He also ordered a large chassis to be able to compete with the biggest, most powerful, and most luxurious European cars of the era, such as Hispano-Suiza, Isotta-Fraschini, Mercedes-Benz, or Rolls-Royce, to name a few. The new Model J was launched in 1928 and became one of the most popular luxury cars as well as a status symbol in the United States and Europe, driven by the nobility; the rich and famous, among them Al Capone, Greta Garbo, Howard Hughes, members of European royalty.

Duesenberg ceased production in 1937 after Cord's financial empire collapsed.

A reproduction automobile called Duesenberg II was produced between 1978 and 2000 by the Elite Heritage Motors Corp.

In 2011 a new company with worldwide trademark rights was established as Duesenberg Motors Inc., with the intention of again restarting the manufacturing of the Duesenberg II replicas in 2012. This effort died quickly when the owner stopped the project because of lack of cash flow.
1929 - Model J
1926 - Model X
1921 - Model A