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Goggomobil Die Cast Models 1:18


The Goggomobil was a micro car produced in the Bavarian town Dingolfing after World War II by Hans Glas.

The agricultural machinery factory GLAS which was created in 1883, established itself over the years in lower Bavaria under the name Isaria as a successful family enterprise, felt at the end of the 1940's a strong decrease in demand for its agricultural machinery. Seeing the triumphant success of the VeSpa in Italy, Andreas Glas the junior boss felt that this scooter boom was also possible in postwar Germany. Production started in July 1951. The youngest child in the Glas family was called Goggo, a name that was also given to this scooter.

In postwar Germany, the scooter was the link between the motorcycle and the automobile. Starting in February 1955 a serious small car, with two conventional doors and room for a family of four was offered for a price of less than $750.00. This little sedan offered a lot of space for its size and was a solid and durably built car. The Goggomobil chassis with its low center of gravity, swing axle suspension and independent springs at each was far above its direct competitors, the Messerschmitt, the Isetta, the Heinkel Kabine and all the other micro cars of the time. The German magazine “Hobby” wrote in its first test report: “The only way to flip a Goggomobil is to drive it over a land mine.”.