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Jordan Die Cast Models 1:18


Jordan Grand Prix was a Formula One constructor that competed from 1991 to 2005. The team is named after the Irish businessman and founder Eddie Jordan. Jordan and his team were well known for a "rock and roll" attitude which added colour and character to Formula One in the 1990s.

Jordan's success in lower formulae inspired the creation of a Formula One program for the 1991 season and a change of name to Jordan Grand Prix with his first cars, which were powered by Ford. For the Belgian Grand Prix was hired Michael Schumacher, for whom the team received $150,000 from Mercedes-Benz who were keen to give their young German sports car star experience of Grand Prix racing in readiness for the firm's future F1 ambitions (ironically, it was Schumacher that proved Mercedes Benz's biggest hurdle to achieving success in the late 1990s and early 2000s).

In early 2005, the team was sold to Midland Group, who competed for one final season as 'Jordan', before renaming the team as MF1 Racing for the 2006 season, before being sold later in 2006 to Dutch car manufacturer Spyker Cars to become Spyker F1 for 2007, and then sold again to become Force India in 2008.
2005 - EJ15
2004 - EJ14
2003 - EJ13
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