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TVR Die Cast Models
TVR is an independent British manufacturer of sports cars. The company manufactures lightweight sports cars with powerful engines and is the third-largest specialized sports car manufacturer in the world, offering a diverse range of coupes and convertibles. Most vehicles use an in-house straight-6 cylinder engine design; others an in-house V8. TVR sports cars are composed of tubular steel frames, cloaked in aggressive fibreglass body designs.

Trevor Wilkinson left school at 14 to start an engineering apprenticeship at a local garage. In 1946 he bought a wheelwright's business, renaming it Trevcar Motors in 1947, for the purpose of selling and repairing cars.

In 1947, Wilkinson built his first car, a special two-seater body on an Alvis Firebird chassis for himself. As a result, Wilkinson with partner Jack Pickard then started a separate company, TVR Engineering, with a name derived from Wilkinson's name – TreVoR. Their first car was an alloy-bodied two seater on a tubular chassis, which appeared in 1949.

In 1953 the concept of glass-reinforced plastic bodywork over a tubular steel backbone chassis was accepted, and continued throughout TVR's current production history.

In 2004 the 24-year-old Nikolay Smolensky bought the company TVR.

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2004 - Tuscan MK2
2000 - Tuscan
1994 - Cerbera / Chimaera
1991 - V8S
1986 - S
1980 - Tasmin 280i / 350i
1971 - 3000 / Taimar
1963 - Griffith / Tuscan
1958 - Grantura
1957 - Jomar