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Toyota Die Cast Models 1:18


Toyota Motor Corporation, a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan, is the world's largest automaker in terms of sales volume. It was founded in 1933, when Toyoda Automatic Loom Works created a new division devoted to the production of automobiles under the direction of the founder's son, Kiichiro Toyoda. Toyota is still in the textile business and still makes automatic looms, which are now computerized, and electric sewing machines which are available worldwide. In addition to manufacturing automobiles, Toyota provides financial services through its division Toyota Financial Services and also builds robots. Toyota Industries and Finance divisions form the bulk of the Toyota Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the world.

Although the founding family's name is Toyoda, the company name was changed in order to signify the separation of the founders' work life from home life, to simplify the pronunciation, and to give the company a happy beginning. Toyota is considered luckier than Toyoda in Japan, where eight is regarded as a lucky number, and eight is the number of strokes it takes to write it.

The logo symbolizes the energetic transition of the company from a family business to the expansion of a worldwide company. The current Toyota logo consists of the name “TOYOTA” in roman type with three ovals in red and white color scheme. The two perpendicular center ovals represent a relationship of mutual trust between the customer and Toyota. These ovals combine to symbolize the letter "T" for Toyota. The space in the background implies a global expansion of Toyota's technology and unlimited potential for the future.

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2009 - TF109
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