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Trabant Die Cast Models 1:18


The Trabant is an automobile that was produced by former East German auto maker VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau in Zwickau, Sachsen. The Trabant logo depicts the Sachsenring racetrack. The name Trabant, Latin for "traveler" or "companion" (also “satellite” in German), was chosen in an internal contest in 1957, the year of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite.

The Trabant had a Duroplast body. The duroplast was made of recycled material, cotton waste from Russia and phenol resins from the East German dye industry, making the Trabant the first car with a body made of recycled material. It was in production without any significant changes for nearly 30 years with 3,096,099 Trabants produced in total.

Тhe car is regarded with derisive affection as a symbol of the fall of communism as many East Germans streamed into West Berlin and West Germany in their Trabants after the opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

In the 1990s, the Trabant suddenly became famous when it upset the famous "Mercedes-Benz A-Class" while performing the common "Moose test" (a sort of slalom with small obstacles on the course). The Trabant perfectly passed the test. Mercedes had to deal with the embarrassment, while the Trabant received unexpected praise.

After the 1989 Wende and later reunification of the two Germanies, financial trouble hit the Trabant factories, which closed in 1991. The GDR cult Trabant car experiences its renaissance as "Trabant nT" (stands for "New Trabi"). The new one will be an electric car for the city and short distances with solar roof in order to refuel from the sun even when parked or on the road.

Beloved and derided, Trabant is a hero of many jokes. Here's an example:
During a visit to the Leipzig Trade Fair, a filthy rich oil sheik heard that there is a car with a delivery time of over ten years. Since Rolls Royce usually delivers more quickly than that, it must be quite an exceptional car, which he would certainly have to have in his collection. Sight unseen, he made a request to order this Trabant. In Zwickau, they're aware of this great honor, so they immediately change the running Five-Year Plan and bring forward a specimen. In the container, the car reaches the emirate in a handful of weeks. The happy oil sheik immediately called his friends together, opened the container, and exclaimed in surprise: "Gosh, they have incredibly long delivery times, but at least they send you a cardboard model in advance — and the best, you can even drive it!".

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2009 - nT Concept
1990 - 1.1
1963 - 601 (P60)
1957 - 500 (P50)
1955 - Alexander
1954 - P70 (Zwickau)